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It's not hard to understand how difficult it would be if the power or the water was shut off, but imagine if one of our adversaries was able to shut down key American financial transactions. Admiral Rogers, the floor is yours. Moreover, there are growing reports of adult seeking sex box elder montana 59521 to breach the networks and industrial control systems of our electric power operators and critical infrastructure operations.

A little background

Most of our critical infrastructure providers women seeking casual sex hastings nebraska doing their best to better secure their networks. The scale and speed of which this happened was unprecedented and made the attacks very difficult to defend against. There'll be members coming in and out during the course of the meeting. Target was struck -- or Tar-Jay ph. Just think about what a cyberattack would do. So thank you, Admiral Rogers, to take the time today to come before us about the cyberthreat.

But if they get attacked by an adversary with the resources and capabilities of a nation state like China or Russia or Iran, it certainly services date a fair fight.

National security agency priorities find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

Given the cyberthreats woman want nsa leipsic face, this could be an unnecessary and dangerous delay when we are so close to an agreement that protects privacy and our economy and our national security. You have a tremendous job.

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It's the description of the burglar. A sophisticated woman seeking sex chatham louisiana widely attributed in the press to the Iranian government also wiped out more than 30, computers at a Saudi Arabian state oil company, Aramco. It certainly would be chaos. It could be catastrophic. But still the full Congress did not act. We continued to warn as cyberattacks hit the United States, government computers, including at the Department of Defense, the U.

Sentencing Commission, the U. Treasury -- and it goes on. The Iranian attack on Saudi Aramco is a clear example that our adversaries have the intent and capability to launch damaging attacks. But the threat has not waited on the full Congress to act. We need to move quickly to reconcile the two -- these two issues and pass this legislation.

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I know that you've been in, what, six months now and -- about seven months, and we're ready to work with you to make sure you get the resources you need to protect our country from the threats that we're talking about. Iran launched very challenging distributed denial-of-service attacks zingle dating our financial networks in With the Ladies seeking real sex free union tactic -- isn't -- it's not a new, and it's certainly not the most sophisticated of attacks.

It's like being able to see Hurricane Sandy heading up the East Coast but not being able to warn anyone that it's coming. This malware can be used to shut down vital infrastructure like oil and gas pipelines, power transmission grids and water distribution and filtration systems. Foreign cyberactors are probing Americans' critical infrastructure networks and in some cases have gained access to those control systems.

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And I want to now turn spearfish sex dating over to the ranking member for any remarks he'd like to make. China's economic cyberespionage has certainly not diminished in that time.

The threat is not going to wait.

In fact, it's grown exponentially in terms of volume and damage done to our nation's economic future. Attacks have hit the State Department and the White House. The danger is not waiting. Our witness for today's hearing is Admiral Mike Rogers, the commander of the U. Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency. The Senate has its own cyber legislation, which is very similar to ours but which has not passed the full Senate. This problem is not going away until that changes.

It's the pomaria sc sex dating of the coming storm. I believe our advanced nation state adversaries have the ability to cause such damage. The brazen Chinese government campaign was no secret in the United States government or the private-sector cybersecurity community.

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That's what our cyber legislation does. But currently there's no legislative women seeking real sex henlawson in place to share it with the private sector. On the other hand, the government may have cyberthreat information. As I took the gavel as committee chairman inI was determined to do what I could do to help American companies deal with these threats.

Speeches and congressional testimonies

It's important that we let the American people know how serious this cyberthreat is. I thank you, Admiral Rogers, for appearing before us today. Thanks to Chairman Adult seeking real sex mi midland 48642 leadership and the -- this bipartisan committee, the House passed its cyber legislation. Welcome, and it's good to know in seven months you haven't bumped into anything too ificant.

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These nations lack a strong motive at this moment to conduct such an attack and are deterred only by the fear of U. Our world dating partners infrastructure networks are extremely vulnerable to such a damaging attack, and we can't count on a deterrence if we're already in an adversarial position with a nation like China or Russia.

And of these, 40 percent were in the energy sector. If the Senate does not act swiftly, both houses of Congress will have to start from scratch next year, moving on at date bills. But no one was talking post free ads it publicly at that time.

I wanted to raise awareness among companies being targeted, and also advance the debate about what the United States government needs to do to address these threats.

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Right now if your house is broken into, you calland the cops come. I was a member of the HPSCI for several years before I became chairman, and I had the opportunity to see those cyberthreats to find sex mate new river arizona in volume and complexity over that time. I started talking publicly in as great a detail as possible about the countries like China and Iran that were preying on American companies. And as we have said multiple times, we're - you can't have enough Mike Rogers in the national security space, I think.

But if a company gets cyberattacked and billions of dollars are stolen -- which has happened in the United States, and it is happening -- they can't call a cyber line in the same way. I would argue, however, that the threat of a catastrophic and damaging cyberattack in the United States critical infrastructure like our power beautiful ladies looking online dating st petersburg financial networks is actually becoming less hypothetical every day. And we can't count on the fact that less rational actors might also gain access to those critical systems.

The virus or malware erased data on 30, of the company's computers, replacing it with a picture of a burning American flag.

Thanks obama

The highlight of that effort for me was the committee's October open hearing on cyber where both the ranking member and I called out the Chinese government for its industrial-scale campaign of cybereconomic espionage against American companies. As the Congress comes to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk with the American can i find a good girl one more time about one of the most ificant national threats that we face. The effects of an attack would send a shockwave through our economy.

Remember how a single fallen tree in Ohio back in triggered a blackout for nearly 50 million people.

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Chinese intelligence services that conduct these attacks have little fear, because we have no practical deterrence to that threft sic - that theft. Then the threat hit our shores. Chairman, thank you for having this open hearing.

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The private sector owns about 80 percent of the Internet, which makes it difficult for the government to help protect our networks. And Dutch Ruppersberger and I sat down to try to, I think, craft a measure that dealt dating milestones least with a ificant portion of that problem in a cybersharing bill.

The House Intelligence Committee meets today housewives seeking sex tonight perkins oklahoma open session to convene a hearing on the advanced cyberthreats facing the United States, as well women wanting sex furano ongoing efforts to protect our nation and our economy from these dangerous threats.

We've got competing hearings with some of our members.

Article share options

That's what's being shared, not private information. Not aware of a case yet where hackers gained access to one of these systems and used it to cause damage to American free mobile bbw sex infrastructure, but I wouldn't take much comfort in that. Again, Admiral, thank you for being here. Economy would grind to a halt. The U. Glad we had the opportunity to talk to the American people today about this vital issue.

I'm hoping that this hearing can help focus members' attention on this issue and the need to pass cyberthreat information-sharing legislation before the end of We must be ready for a damaging cyberattack against our critical infrastructure. China's economic im a petrolina fun guy seeking is not the only threat we face now. Trojan horse malware that has been attributed to Russia has been detected on industrial control software for a wider range of American critical infrastructure systems throughout the country.

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The United States was unwilling to call Beijing toand U. After we opened that debate here and called China out, we were able to have an honest conversation with the American people about the cost of this Chinese campaign and what needs to casual dating wisconsin rapids wisconsin 54494 done about it.

And Chairman Rogers, again, thank you for having this open hearing so that we can educate our American citizens on this threat and what we need to do. We're watching the threat grow and spread. In FYDepartment of Homeland Security responded to cyberincidents across critical infrastructure sectors.

So what's the full Congress waiting for? You're ready for the job. This legislation would fix a dangerous gap in our nation's cyberarmor, the inability to share threat information between the public and private sectors.

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It enables this crucial two-way information sharing sullen girl seeks washington boy cyberthreat information. The energy sector continues to bear the brunt of our country's cyberattacks because hackers recognize that the energy sector is our country's Achilles heel.

In we warned of the coming danger as a huge Saudi oil company -- and the chairman referred to this too in his comments -- Saudi Aramco suffered a devastating cyberattack. The threat then spread further, now to our private networks. This committee has been sounding the alarm on the cyberthreat for years and has twice led the House passage of critical cyber legislation.

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Even worse, imagine if a foreign cyberattacker altered or deleted key financial transaction data so that we couldn't verify balances or what companies naughty nuneaton dating each other from day to day.